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2D Artwork and New Projects
2D Artwork from new ideas, projects in early development and published titles.
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Monsters, monsters, monsters
Character design, illustration, sculpting and digital photography.
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Bad Dream Brigade App: Stanley's Story
Character development, writing, artwork, animated frames and voice-over recording,
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Bit-Bot & the Blob
Images from 'Bit-Bot and the Blob'- Illustration, sculpting and writing.
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Story Recordings
Readings of my unpublished stories with illustrations, mostly in sketch form.
A bunch of Bugs
Animation, Character Design, Illustration for cards and picture books.
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More Robots...
Character Design, Illustration, Sculpting
The Best Thing
Character design, illustration, set building and sculpting for a picture book.
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Character Archive
A cast of many characters: all kinds of sculpts from all kinds of projects, both published and unpublished.
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Animal Archive
Selected animal sculpts from published and unpublished titles.
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The Little Witch
Project development, character design, illustration, sculpting for picture books.
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Monster Miscellany
Illustration, Sculpting, Writing for a self published book.
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"Tiny Dinos" Poseable polymer puppets.
Illustration, Character Design, Sculpting
Gnomes (Igloo)
Digital Photography, Illustration, Sculpting for picture books.
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Artwork created for an Instagram Challenge
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God Damn
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