Hello, I'm Jo. 
I'm a modelmaker, writer and illustrator based in Derbyshire in the UK.
I work in all kinds of media but I'm best known for my children's books. I've illustrated over 100 titles, some of which have been translated into over 35 languages and sold in the millions worldwide...
Sometimes talk about what I do with schools via virtualauthors.co.uk
Some of the lovely folk I’ve been lucky enough to work with, in no particular order: 
Usborne Publishing 
Egmont Publishing 
Staedtler UK
Ediciones Castillo (Macmillan Group) 
Igloo Publishing 
Yeamoonsa Bien 
Floris Books 
Holy Cow Productions (holycowgames)
...and sometimes I record things I've written to share on youtube.... not always successfully. Enjoy!
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