I've been trying to get a little witch project made for years; I've had lots on interest, lots of outside influence and sadly, lots of false starts. I still like every version of this little girl so here they are, in the hope that I get another chance to work on her story.
Above is the very first puppet I made to take to a publisher, she went down very well but was pipped at the post by the other character I had taken with me at the time: Bit-Bot the Robot. 
Later my little witch went into development with another writer, changing my grumpy 4yr old to an older and much more cheery little witch (see below)... this project was sadly pulled when the writer and publisher could not agree. 
Since then I've renamed her Holly, her 'teddy-bat' familiar is called Boo, and I've written several stories for her, for picture books and possibly animation; I own all the puppets and the rights to use them so I'm always looking for another opportunity to get these stories made.
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